Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Value System Upon Which To Build a Professional Life

It’s been said, “If you tell the truth you won’t have to remember what you said.” We’ve also seen people previously in lofty business or government positions shipped off to jail, not for the crime being investigated but for lying to authorities.  
In a professional situation, no matter what the intention, people will make errors. Disclose the error promptly. Understand, managers are not only evaluated on their productivity but also on the control of  their area of responsibility. Being surprised by an error committed by someone in his charge might be enough to get the manager and to error maker fired.
I have observed the following: People who break laws get caught sooner or later.  In the financial services business the government spends millions of dollars annually to catch violators.  Do they get everyone? No. All of us have seen that. However the chances of getting caught make dishonesty a bad business proposition.
When making decisions relying on a properly oriented moral compass one has the opportunity to work for a favorable outcome. However, by stepping over the legal or ethical line, one must not only worry about the outcome but also the consequences. 
Once one loses the trust of others, it is almost impossible to get it back.

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