Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Preparing for an interview-Start at the beginning. Discover your passion.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Start with these thoughts: Absent tragedy, you will grow older and if you pay attention, you will become wise. Don't give up your youth. Don't let the vicissitudes of life steal your hope, optimism, or drive. Remember, if you try at all, you will experience failure, or better described as the absence of success. How you re-engage after that is the true measure of who you are.

When young people enter college they often become involved in college life: studying, football games, on-campus activities, and maybe a social movement. It’s often easy to move with the herd when seeking comradery. Sure we want to be loved but don't give your life away for acceptance.

University can be one of life's great smorgasbords. While some may be looking for a classes that meet after 11 so they can sleep in or guts that will puff up their averages, college is a great time to try things that you have never tried before. Is it not like trying a new food?  Yet it's a chance to uncover an unknown path?  Dare to go to events that you would never have considered before. There is no risk! If you hate it, leave early and never go back.

Lastly, start exploring early, at once, right away! The sooner you start to create a framework for your future, the sooner you will have something constructive to say in during an interview.

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