Monday, March 5, 2012

Self-Empowerment. It's an Inside Job

An effective job-search requires self-confidence. Self-confidence evolves from personal empowerment which is created through practice and preparation.

Think, for a moment, about trying to gain personal power from the outside. Do material goods create power: a hot car, clothes, jewelery? Perhaps they provide some satisfaction for a brief time but it's only temporary. All things have a limited useful life.

Having wealthy parents or going to the right school might help in terms of being able to  make  it through a screening process. Then what?  When an interviewer asks you questions about you, your dreams, your failures, then it's all about you and you have to be ready.

Preparation is the ultimate empowering tool. Championship athletes may be talented but they practice, run, swim, row, etc. more than their competitors. Yo-Yo Ma,  the world's finest cellist, practices for hours on end.  When these people take to the field or the stage they are confident because they are ready and they know it.

How to prepare for an interview? That's for next time.

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